EDL Halifax demo: Let’s go mental, the mob yelled

Bottles were hurled at police by the mob of EDL supporters gathered at the Eureka car park.

Shouting anti-Islamic chants and “Let’s go mental”, they decided to crowd against the line of officers standing across the car park entrance. Police had to ask them to move back to avoid protesters at the front from getting crushed.

Five coaches, some from the Midlands, unloaded members of the far-right group into the car park, which had been designated as the least disruptive spot by police and Calderdale Council. Other protesters were escorted in by police after trying to march elsewhere.

Many of the group were drinking and bottles were thrown from the crowd at police, one narrowly missing an officer. Police dogs had to be brought to get some EDL members, who had congregated outside the car park, to join the rest of the demonstrators.

The protest ended with demonstrators breaking out of the car park – it is understood by smashing fencing – and into the grounds of Eureka.

Halifax Courier, 11 July 2011