Editor quits in gay row

The editor and deputy editor of a gay magazine have resigned after they were accused of printing racist articles.

The Lesbian and Gay Coalition Against Racism led a group of mostly ethnic minority protesters who slammed the Lesbian and Gay Humanist magazine – accusing it of having “demonised immigrants”. The last edition of the magazine carried a picture of two gay teens being hanged in Iran on the cover and, inside, raised questions about Islam. In another article it referred to “foreign settlers” as “often poor, ill-educated and culturally estranged Third Worlders” also claiming many of them are “criminals of the worst kind”. A statement criticising the magazine was signed by the gay Muslim group Imaan, the Black Gay Men’s Advisory Group and representatives of the Met Police and the Society of Black Lawyers.

Now editor Andy Armitage has quit, because he claims his publishers didn’t back him up. He denies the material was racist. He said: “I wouldn’t say it demonised them [immigrants]. It was robust and very analytical and it touched a few raw nerves. There are too many people of the political correctness brigade who conflate any criticism of religion with racism”. Armitage said he recognised that there are many moderate Muslims but he said the religion represents a “growing threat” to gays and women. The Pink Triangle Trust which publishes the magazine is meeting this Saturday to decide its future.

Pink Paper, 24 November 2005