Earth calling Henry Porter

Henry PorterNot content with publishing Andrew Anthony’s paean to Ayaan Hirsi Ali (“Taking the fight to Islam”), today’s Observer gives over almost an entire page to a comment piece by Henry Porter, who complains – all evidence to the contrary – that Channel 4’s Dispatches documentary Undercover Mosque received little or no press coverage.

The reason for this, apparently, is that while the media are keen to criticise the Anglican Church, they are guilty of “tolerating intolerance” when it comes to the Muslim community. You really do wonder what planet Henry Porter lives on.

And yet again, we are offered a parallel between the BNP and sections of the Muslim community. It is the latter, and not the fascists, according to Porter, who pose “a very great threat to our whole community”. What a plonker.

For a reasoned – and admirably restrained – response to Porter by Osama Saeed of MAB, see Rolled Up Trousers, 4 February 2007