Dutch minister rejects Wilders’ charge that withdrawal of ham rolls means the ‘Islamisation of the Netherlands’

Home Affairs Minister Piet Hein Donner has rejected suggestions that the fact the police in Gelderland are not served pigmeat any more is an illustration of Islamisation of Dutch society.

The province’s corps is no longer served any ham rolls, according to local newspaper De Gelderland. This meat is not “halal” for Muslims. Party for Freedom (PVV) MPs Geert Wilders and Hero Brinkman had complained to the minister about this “example of unacceptable Islamisation of the Netherlands.”

According to the Christian democratic (CDA) minister, there is no question of this. In a letter to parliament, he writes that the “halal lunch packages” are only an “organisational measure”. Because a number of people “for whatever reasons do not eat pigmeat,” it was simply easier to scrap ham from the menu.

“Possibly the same could happen if the number of vegetarians increases enormously,” according to the CDA minister. “This would not be evidence of vegetarisation of Dutch society either.”

NIS News, 9 February 2011