‘Dispatches’ to provide platform for BNP’s anti-Muslim bigotry

bnp-islam-posterOne of Epping’s BNP councillors is set to feature on a controversial television documentary which attracts millions of viewers. Councillor Pat Richardson will speak candidly about her attitude towards Muslims living in Britain on the Dispatches programme scheduled to be screened on Channel 4 in July.

Mrs Richardson, who has the rare distinction of being the BNP’s only Jewish councillor, was interviewed for the programme during the local election count at Waltham Abbey Town Hall earlier this month, where she was elected to represent the Loughton Broadway ward.

Along with fellow BNP party members, she was questioned about her views on British Muslims by the show’s producer James Jones. Mrs Richardson said: “He was very polite and he followed us around throughout the morning.” Mr Jones said: “I chose to interview Pat Richardson as a subject because her background and political views make her an interesting subject.”

Epping Forest Guardian, 13 May 2008