Demonstrate against South East Alliance in Cricklewood

Cricklewood anti-SEA protest August 2014

North West London United statement

On 30th August, the fascist group South East Alliance is AGAIN(!) wanting to march down through our community, and we want to stop them.

The Swastika-wielding, hate-filled nazis of the ‘South-East Alliance’ have decided to return to North West London in the latest instalment of their quest to make everyone as ignorant as they are.

This group have Ulster Loyalist connections and are rabidly anti-Muslim. They know that Cricklewood is a diverse and multi-cultural area with many Irish and Muslim people who live side-by-side with all the other nationalities who make up our great city. They are coming here thinking they can scare us, terrorise us, divide us. They are coming here to tell us to go back where we came from.


Last time over 300 anti-fascists stood to oppose them. United as a community we can stand firm on our streets and turn these Nazis back to the rock they crawled out from. But we need you to stand with us, to spread the word and bring your friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Join us for our demonstration outside 113 Cricklewood Broadway (between the Crown Hotel and the junction of Anson Road) on Saturday 30th August from 11am.

Update:  See “Another flop for the fascists in Cricklewood”, Islamophobia Watch, 30 August 2014