Canberra: anti-mosque campaign uses video of speech by British Freedom leader

Members of Gungahlin’s evangelical community are distributing extremist material from overseas in their campaign against the construction of a mosque on The Valley Avenue.

A senior pastor at a Gungahlin evangelical church contacted The Canberra Times and supplied a video of far-right agitator Paul Weston, the chairman of the British Freedom Party. In the eight-minute video, Mr Weston says Islam was “worse than Nazism” and claimed Islamic influence in Britain would lead to civil war.

The Gungahlin pastor declined to be interviewed yesterday, but said the video had been circulated via email through associates in the community.

The pastor added that their church was not involved in the anti-mosque campaign by the “Concerned Citizens of Canberra”.

In the video, Mr Weston said: “Islam in its most fundamental form is Nazism in its desire for global supremacy … In fact, Islam is even worse than Nazism”.

Canberra Times, 13 July 2012

The video is an extract from a speech by Weston in Toronto in February. If you can stomach it, you can watch it here.

The British Freedom Party has been building links with co-thinkers in Australia for some time. Last November it ran an interview with the leader of the far-right Australian Protectionist Party.

Incidentally, the Canberra Times is holding a poll on the question “Are you for or against the proposed mosque at Gungahlin?” You can vote here.