Bundesbank sacks Sarrazin

Germany’s central bank today took the unprecedented step of sacking a board member after he repeatedly criticised the country’s Muslim population and said “all Jews share the same gene”.

In a brief statement, the Bundesbank president, Axel Weber, and four other board members said that they had been in unanimous agreement in dismissing Thilo Sarrazin, who caused an outcry when he said Muslims were sapping Germany’s intellectual and economic strength.

The board’s decision, taken at an extraordinary meeting, is the first such in the institution’s 50-year history. All that remains is for the German president, Christian Wulff, to sanction the dismissal of Sarrazin, according to the bank’s rules. Wulff has signalled he will do so, calling Sarrazin’s remarks damaging to Germany’s international reputation.

Guardian, 2 September 2010