British National Party supports Israeli attack on Gaza

Thurrock Patriots

“No don’t adjust your eyesight. You don’t have double vision. That’s right. Yup, that’s right. The fascist British National Party, whose leader believes that the Nazi holocaust is a hoax, is overjoyed at the genocide in Gaza. And why not? They’re killing Muslims so it can’t be bad.”

Tony Greenstein examines how the BNP’s anti-Muslim racism leads it to side with the state of Israel in its oppression of the Palestinian people.

Tony Greenstein’s Blog, 6 January 2008

See also “The real situation in Gaza and Israel” by the BNP’s “legal expert” Lee Barnes:

“This sort of ‘disinfecting’ process whereby Israel is required to sterilise areas of radical Islamist support … is what all nations have to do in order to eradicate Islamist cells who have managed to take over territory either within or on the edges of their borders…. For those that think what Israel is doing is excessive – that is ridiculous in relation to what Israel militarily can do. Excessive would be the eradication of Gaza with a nuclear weapon. What Israel is doing is what nations do when they secure their national security. Nationalists must fight for the survival of their nations.”

And see the article “Gaza – A window into the future” by Carlos Cortiglia on the BNP London website:

“The events in Gaza are a cruel reminder of what could one day happen in a country called United Kingdom if a creed of intolerance is allowed to prosper. After many years of occupation and as a gesture of goodwill, one day Israel decided to withdraw from the Gaza Strip only to find itself bombarded with rockets and human bombs.

“Hamas, Hezbollah, AlQaeda, whatever the name this creed of terror can adopt, are one and the same. When they are not strong enough, they present themselves as peace movements and freedom fighters, even as moderate thinkers in search of religious illumination and goodwill, but when they are strong enough they challenge, destroy and corrode true civilization.”

It’s also worth looking at the comments following Nick Griffin’s article “Israel’s Gaza affair”. Some examples:

“The Israelis will NEVER get unbiased reporting on the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation, despite being the only civilised country in the region & fighting for their very existance. It is NOT our place to get involved but you aren’t the only one to be 100% behind them, they are an example to us all because the only thing the Islamic Terrorists understand is FORCE.”

“The bottom line is that Israel acts as a vital buffer against Islam in the Middle East, and any enemy of Islam is a friend of mine.”

“While the Labour British Government continue to treat British people as second class citizens in our own country and continue to treat the immigrant and asylum invaders as VIP’s its nice to see a state like Israel protecting ‘its own’. A leaf that this Labour Government should take out of the Israeli book.”

“… if Israel falls or is weakened badly it could embolden the Muslims here. We need to stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel’s right to protect itself and make clear we do so. Islam must NOT be allowed any victories!”

And so on, and so on.