BNP – refugee-hating, Muslim-hating Nazis

BNP dustbinBritish National Party supporters cheered for one of their candidates to be awarded a Nazi military medal at a Euro election after-party.

A member of the crowd made the call after learning that Charlotte Lewis had travelled to Calais to lead a protest against the refugee camp there, taking placards reading “Britain’s full up” and “Asylum seekers don’t unpack, you’re going back”.

Bob Bailey, 43, a BNP councillor in Barking and Dagenham, gave two talks at the event, with Lewis – a candidate for Waddon, South London – giving a third.

Talking about her trip to Calais, she said: “The invaders are dangerous and they are not people we want in England or Europe or anywhere in the civilised world.” She claimed they “swaggered” around Calais before recounting a story about her Afghan neighbour.

She said: “The Afghan who lives in the flat above me… well, I say that, he hasn’t been seen for two weeks, so I’m hoping him, Fatima and the brat have moved out.” After a pause, and to raucous laughter, she added: “I don’t think they could take any more of my penchant for playing heavy metal music at 1am. It’s wishful thinking that they have gone back to Afghanistan, but it’s more than likely they have been allocated one of numerous brand-new housing association flats in the area.”

Lewis then described people who work in soup kitchens to provide food for refugees as “idiotic dim-witted liberals”. It was after this that Bailey made his ridiculous pledge to give Lewis a medal if the BNP get into government.

Sipping a pint, he said: “Under the BNP people like Charlotte would get a medal… there is no doubt.” Someone in the crowd then shouted out “the Iron Cross”. The German medal is closely associated with the Nazis – Hitler reintroduced it and added a swastika.

Bailey then went into an anti-Muslim rant. He said: “We do not need Islam in Europe and we do not need it in the UK. In London we know the stark realities of Islam more than anywhere else. They bomb buses, they bomb trains, they have created terror here.”

Sunday Mirror, 21 June 2009