BNP leadership challenger to Griffin says Muslims taking over Dewsbury

Colin AutyDewsbury BNP councillor Colin Auty has launched a claim for the party’s leadership in a bid to save the town from being “swamped by immigration”.

Coun Auty, who has represented Dewsbury East since 2006, said he would bring a more moderate approach than that of current BNP leader Nick Griffin. But one anti-BNP campaigner told the Reporter that Coun Auty was still a fascist representing a far-right party.

Coun Auty claimed no other parties were addressing the problems in Dewsbury and without action the town’s culture and traditions would be lost. He said:

“In 30 years Dewsbury will not be a British town. We already have six Muslim councillors and a Muslim MP. In 30 years it will be unrecognisable to me as an indigenous British town. As far as I’m concerned this is a country called England and we’ve got our roots, our traditions, our values. I don’t want to diversify.

“It isn’t an issue of skin colour – that doesn’t matter to me – it’s the cultural thing. It’s what’s happened in towns like mine. I feel, and many people feel, that we’re being swamped by immigration. Unless we can get some semblance of equality for the indigenous white Britons in areas like this, then the cohesion will go out of the window.”

Dewsbury Reporter, 9 May 2008