BNP church fire comment ‘despicable’

Fat fascistA top Lincoln Tory has branded the words of BNP leader Nick Griffin as “despicable” after he commented on a fire at a church in the city which was about to be converted into a mosque.

The leader of the far-right party sent a statement to the Echo in the wake of a blaze at St Matthew’s Church. Griffin, who lives in Wales, said: “Perhaps a local householder was driven mad by the thought of being engulfed by a miniature version of Lahore.”

Lincolnshire Echo, 3 September 2008

Update:  Meanwhile, over at the BNP website, Voice of Freedom editor Martin Wingfield advances the bizarre theory that the Muslim community itself is responsible for the fire! “It’s a scorched earth policy which starts with the destruction of the places of worship of non-Muslims and it is happening in towns and cities across Britain where Islam is on the offensive.”

Mind you, Wingfield’s grip on reality is a bit weak generally when it comes to Islam. He goes on to warn his readers:

“The growing influence of Islam within Britain continues apace and the silence that greets this colonisation by stealth is deafening…. In those areas where Muslims are now the majority, they have moved from claiming ‘equal rights’ with the host population, to imposing their demands on the non-Muslim population….

“In many areas of Britain, it is we, the British, who are now the minority! From London boroughs such as Tower Hamlets and next door Newham (where over 75% of births are of babies not of British origin) to towns and cities such as Peterborough, Luton, Leicester, Bradford, and Birmingham, entire districts have been Balkanised by the ever increasing Muslim population creating within Great Britain, ‘Greater Pakistan’, ‘Greater Bangladesh’, and even ‘Greater Somalia’!

“Within these semi-autonomous areas there is no ‘host community’ for the colonists to integrate with – the ‘host’ British have been ethnically cleansed. Hence the new ‘majority community’, these very colonists, are now re-engineering local society to replicate the Muslim societies they ostensibly left behind in Pakistan, or wherever, when they came to Britain.”

The 2001 census puts the Muslim population in Tower Hamlets at 36.40% and in Newham at 24.31%. Further east, in Barking & Dagenham – where the BNP has been gaining ground by appealing to paranoid fantasies about Christian civilisation succumbing to the spread of “Muslim majority” areas – the figure falls to 4.36%, compared with a Christian population of 68.99%.