Bletchley: arson fears over pub mosque plan

A resident living near a disused pub fears it will be burnt down if it is turned into a mosque.

Winifred Penner, who lives near The Plough Pub in Manor Road, Bletchley, is worried about a possible backlash if plans to transform it into a Muslim place of worship are approved by Milton Keynes Council tomorrow. The 83-year-old, who has lived in Manor Road for more than 60 years, said:

“I’m worried that if anyone’s against it they might do some damage – and we’re right by it. There’s good and bad in everyone, so I can’t say I don’t want the mosque there, but I’ve heard rumours that they’re going to burn it down if it gets given the go-ahead. Just a few weeks ago somebody threw a whole pig’s head on the roof.”

Following reports of repeated vandalism, the police and Milton Keynes Council have even been forced to install CCTV overlooking the former music venue.

Paul Saunders, 63, who also lives in Manor Road, added: “It’s a great concern, the BNP have been there already. Somebody has already got up onto the roof and painted ‘NO’ on it.”

MK News, 13 April 2011