BFP links up with Australian far-right racists

British FreedomHaving formalised its alliance with the English Defence League, the British Freedom Party is now keen to reinforce its international links. The BFP has posted an extended interview with Andrew J. Philips, chairman of the Australian Protectionist Party, who claims that the APP is a “sensible, moderate but uncompromising nationalist party”. It is in fact a far-right group specialising in anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim propaganda.

The APP’s politics can be judged by the fact that their website has reproduced material by the British National Party and featured a video of a speech by South African white supremacist Arthur Kemp, author of March of the Titans: a History of the White Race, at a time when Kemp was a leading figure in the BNP (“Another one of Arthur Kemp’s excellent speeches…not to be missed”).

You can understand why the BFP and APP might enjoy a warm relationship, because the two organisations certainly have a lot in common. The BFP’s new chairman Paul Weston has written an article entitled “The ethnic cleansing of the English”, which warns that due to “mass immigration” the “indigenous race” will be reduced to “ethnic minority status in their homeland within twenty years”.

Could EDL leader Stephen Lennon have been aware of this article when he told EDL members that Weston “has charisma, can speak well, and is a jolly good bloke”? After all, Lennon recently assured his local paper that the EDL leadership’s response to racists is that “we find out who they are and we kick them out”. When Lennon joins the BFP next year will he be calling for the expulsion of Paul Weston?