Baroness Warsi on Islamophobia and Muslim attacks

Baroness_WarsiThe government is “finally dealing” with Islamophobia in the UK, the minister for faith and communities has said in a personal film made for the BBC.

Baroness Warsi visited the Altrincham Islamic Cultural Centre and heard from trustee Amjad Latif about relations with the local community, and attacks on people and buildings.

The former Conservative Party chairman looked at problems relating to attacks and discrimination against ethnic communities, and recalled her description of the ‘dinner table test’.

She also spoke to Dr Matthew Goodwin of the University of Nottingham.

BBC News, 23 April 2013

“The government is ‘finally dealing’ with Islamophobia in the UK”? Except, of course, that the government has no plans at all to amend the current useless law against incitement to religious hatred so that Muslims enjoy the same legal protection as Jews and Sikhs. Indeed, the reason why the law is so useless is that the religious hatred bill introduced by the then Labour government was sabotaged back in 2006 by an amendment backed by the two parties that make up the present government.