Attacks on Muslim students at City University

The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) regrets to inform that over the past week Muslim students at City University (London) have been the target of a series of attacks culminating with three Muslims being stabbed on St. John Street in the immediate vicinity of the University after being surrounded by over 30 youths.

Attacks earlier in the week left three students requiring hospitalisation for severe facial and head injuries as they were set upon by the gang shouting Islamophobic and racist abuse including statements like “Get those Muslims” and “Paki” being used repeatedly; they were subjected to a series of projectile missiles, including bricks, metal poles and sign posts.

The attacks have come amidst calls for the University to increase security and ensure student welfare on campus. The Student Union’s response to the attacks has been both swift and fully supportive of both the Islamic Society and Muslim students. Interim security measures have been introduced by the University and the Metropolitan police who have understood the serious nature of these attacks.

FOSIS calls upon the University to provide assurances for the safety and welfare of all students on campus and request that such measures are maintained permanently, and in communication with the Islamic Society, key areas of concern be identified and addressed.

FOSIS would like to reassure all Muslim students that their safety and wellbeing on campus is of utmost concern and, while it is important to stress that this is an isolated incident, all necessary steps will be taken to ensure that campuses remain a safe and trouble free environment. Over the course of the next day guidance on issues relating to safety will be available at

Finally, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and we would like to extend our full support and assistance to them throughout this ordeal. May Allah, the Most High, let this be an expiation of their sins and a means for them to come closer to Him.

FOSIS press release, 8 November 2009

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