APPG on Islamophobia: please support ENGAGE


“What is happening to Muslim political engagement in our democratic process? It appears that anyone who doesn’t espouse the right sort of political views will be labelled an ‘Islamist’ and therefore cannot be trusted to give evidence about incidents of abuse and attacks motivated by Islamophobia.”

ENGAGE has written to its supporters asking for their assistance in resisting a concerted campaign by bloggers and Islamophobes to remove ENGAGE from the secretariat of the recently established All Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia. APPG Chairman Kris Hopkins MP and co-Vice Chair, Lord Janner, bilaterally decided to do just this even though Simon Hughes MP, co-Vice Chair, issued a statement strongly supporting ENGAGE.

You can write to Kris Hopkins at (and cc Simon Hughes at with the following message:

We strongly object to the implications of the joint statement issued by Kris Hopkins MP and Lord Janner of Braunstone, as reported in the Jewish Chronicle on Friday 10th December, on their intent to remove ENGAGE as the secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia. We urge all members of the Group and parliamentarians of all parties to reject their recommendation and to resist the pressure being exerted by right wing bloggers and the pro-Zionist lobby.

Please also sign the online petition to register your support for ENGAGE as the secretariat to the APPG.

For more information contact ENGAGE at