Another racist provocation from the fascists

BNP turban cartoon (3)The nazis of the BNP continue to take advantage of parliament’s decision to sabotage the religious hatred bill, and the acquittal of führer Nick Griffin and his sidekick at Leeds Crown Court.

They have produced a new anti-Muslim leaflet, featuring the most offensive of the Jyllands-Posten cartoons, in which the Prophet is shown wearing a turban shaped as a bomb. “Only the BNP had the backbone to publish the cartoons”, the fascists boast (which is a little unfair on the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty). “Now we go one step further in releasing a brand new leaflet for download and distribution featuring the turban as time-bomb cartoon.”

BNP news release, 17 February 2006

In an accompanying article, Griffin asserts that Muslims “do not have the right … to march in our streets demanding that we change our laws to suit their own religious sensibilities. Why do they not have that right? Because to grant them that right is to accept that, sooner or later, freedom of speech – the cornerstone of our democracy – will be curtailed, cut-down and in the end abolished as the values of Islam come to predominate over ours…. on the streets of London over the Saturdays of February, the Clash of Civilisations is precisely that – an argument over which culture’s highest value is to prevail. Will it be Islam’s uncompromising Eastern stand for the dignity of its Prophet, or what used to be our uncompromising Western stand for intellectual freedom and freedom of expression?”