And you thought there couldn’t be anyone worse than Ruth Kelly? Think again

John Reid has won a cabinet battle to become Britain’s “security supremo” under a plan for the Home Office to co-ordinate the fight against terrorism. A plan to split the Home Office into two separate security and justice departments is expected to be given the go-ahead by the Cabinet today.

Under the biggest changes to the Home Office in its 225-year history, the Home Secretary will take charge of counter-terrorism. Crucially, he will be responsible for all security threats to the UK, and the “contest” strategy against al-Qa’ida, now under the Cabinet Office.

The Home Office will also take charge of “winning the hearts and minds” of Muslims in Britain, currently shared with the Foreign Office and the Department of Communities and Local Government.

Belfast Telegraph, 29 March 2007

See also Financial Times, 29 March 2007