A matter of life and death

“Hatred of Muslims resulting in abuse and vicious murderous attacks is not a new phenomenon. Contrary to popular belief 9/11 (and later 7/7) did not create Islamophobia as it has always existed. Rather it can be said to have been ‘outed’ since 9/11 when it could no longer be denied.

“In some quarters Islamophobia has been accepted as an element of racism but others do not believe it exists at all. While there remains ambivalence to recognising and understanding Islamophobia and its institutional manifestations we will not be able to address it strategically and institutionally. There is no doubt that discrimination and attacks are sometimes motivated by a combination of racism and Islamophobia but quite often they are simply inspired by a pure hatred of Islam and Muslims.”

Khalida Khan on the BLINK website, 27 July 2006